best eyelash curler

Best Eyelash Curler for Lush Lashes

We went on the hunt for the best eyelash curler, and after testing countless curlers, we narrowed it down to 8 amazing options.  And these picks not only enhance the lashes but they keep the lashes healthy and in tact. And, we have to admit, this ...
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best firming neck cream

Best Firming Neck Cream for Every Skin Type

The neck is one of the most under-treated part of our body.  And ironically, besides hands, the neck is the area that shows our age the most.  So, if you're looking to pamper your neck, you're already a step ahead of the rest.       And, ...
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Best Face Mask

Best Face Mask for Every Skin Type

Trying to find the best face mask for your skin type can be an overwhelming experience.  The market is filled with all kinds of "too good to be true" products, all promising to be the miracle skin cure you're looking for. And what can often ...
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Best Soap for Acne

Best Soap for Acne – Bars and Body Wash

Acne is the gift that keeps on giving.  One day you got it, the next day it starts clearing up and the following day, you wake up with more undesirable gifts that are wrapped up big and red.  However, the gift we all want is smooth and clear ...
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Best Lady Shaver

Best Bikini Trimmer for a Smooth Bikini Line

I love shaving my bikini line, said no one ever.  And that's how the product testing began.  So, in order to find the best bikini trimmer, we had a few emotional meltdowns and eventually got to work.  All that matters is the end goal, we ...
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Best Eyeshadow Primer

Best Eyeshadow Primer for All Skin Types

Eyeshadow primer is a pretty amazing tool - for even the lowest maintenance individual.  But only if you find the best eyeshadow primer for your skin type. First, it literally takes a second to apply.  And then, it will even out the tone of the ...
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Best Primer for Acne

Best Primer for Acne and Oily Skin

When finding the best primer for acne and oily skin, you must first decide if you want a radiant and glowing finish or a matte-finish.  And perhaps one of each to make the switch between day and night. And then you want to make sure ...
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Best Warm Air Humidifier

Best Warm Mist Humidifier for Every Budget

The first order of business when finding a humidifier is making sure it is virtually noiseless.  And that's exactly where we began on our hunt to find the best warm mist humidifier in every budget category.   The next order of business is finding one that ...
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Best Night Cream

Beauty Sleep: Best Night Cream for Every Skin Type

Good night cream is hard to come by.  But, the best night cream is even more of a challenge.   For our skin's sake, we went on a hunt to find the best night cream that will allow us to wake up looking hydrated, refreshed ...
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Best Oil For Wrinkles

Best Oil for Wrinkles and More Youthful Skin

Not all oils are created equal.  That's why when choosing the best oil for wrinkles, you should look at what each oil has to offer to determine which is right for you. For instance, while most carrier oils and essential oils are suitable for all skin types, ...
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