Best Yoga Towel

Best Yoga Towel to Improve Your Pose

For some of us, a yoga towel is just as important as our mat.  It helps create stability, promote traction and keeps us from slip-sliding around.  And, through trial and error, we discovered that finding the best yoga towel that will help us improve our practice ...
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Best Yoga Bag

Best Yoga Bag – 8 Stylish Picks

Yoga mats are one of those love-hate relationships.  They're big, they're bulky and they're awkward to carry.  Especially if you're on foot.  So, finding the best yoga bag to take us from point A to point B, without knocking bystanders out with our yoga mat, ...
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9 Best Yoga Socks for That Downward Facing Dog

Slippery surfaces and sweaty feet can hinder just about any yoga pose, especially the downward facing dog.  And there's no better cure for that than our list of the best yoga socks around. These picks were first compiled by user testimonies.  Then they were tested by our staff at FHL ...
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Best Travel Yoga Mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat: Take Your Flow Anywhere

If you're anything like us, we are always on the go.  And, the ever so bulky yoga mat has been awkward to lug around.  Despite all of our meditative attempts into tricking ourselves that it's not awkward, we still can't shake off the yoga mat peering ...
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