best glider and rocker chairs

8 Best Glider and Rocker Chairs

If you're looking for the best glider and rocker chairs for your nursery or for just relaxing, you're in luck.  Because we reviewed and scrutinized a ton of chairs in order to find the chairs that were worthy of our presence. But first, before we set ...
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best digital wall clock

Best Digital Wall Clock for Maximum Visibility

If you're looking for the best digital wall clock, we have you covered with these top 7 picks.  Each pick has been throughly reviewed and scrutinized to ensure they are at the top of their game. So, what did we look for in the best digital ...
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best spice rack

Best Spice Rack – 8 Top Picks for Organization

There's nothing more time consuming than searching for spices in the depths of the cupboards.  And, it's not only time consuming, it's extremely frustrating.  Especially when us cooks take great joy in being in the kitchen.  So, to end the frustrations, we set out to ...
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best tv trays

Top 8 Best TV Trays and Tables

TV trays are one of the best inventions of all time.  And, in the age of technology, they are even more functional.  Generally, they used to be used for eating while watching TV.  Now, they double  up as a laptop or tablet table.  And for ...
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best clothes airer

Best Clothes Airer and Drying Rack

Are you looking for the best clothes airer or drying rack?  We find ourselves in this predicament, too.  Living in the city and in a building that only allows us the privilege of a washer, we rely heavily on these racks.  And, after all the workout ...
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best bamboo kitchen utensils

Best Bamboo Kitchen Utensils: 7 Eco-Friendly Picks

Finding the best bamboo kitchen utensils means finding high quality and durable bamboo kitchen utensils.  And for us at FHL, it means finding eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils that we can rely on through the thick and thin of our world famous spaghetti sauce. In addition ...
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best cellular shades

Best Cellular Shades and Blinds

When looking for the best cellular shades and blinds, you don't want to just settle for the ordinary.  And we quickly found this out when we went into the testing and review phase.  There are plenty of cheaply made cellular shades out on the market that ...
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best turkish bath towels

Best Turkish Bath Towels – 8 Styles for Every Decor

Turkish bath towels only get better with age.  However, not all Turkish bath towels will.  That's why when choosing Turkish towels, only the best Turkish bath towels can guarantee a continued softness that makes these towels so desirable. And not only will the best Turkish ...
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Best Tea Infuser

Best Tea Infuser and Strainer for Loose Tea

When we went searching for the best tea infuser, we looked for a tea infuser we could count on - a tea infuser that had a lot of happy customers with satisfied reviews. With these reviews, we looked for specifics that were what we considered to be ...
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Best Oven Mitt

Best Oven Mitt – 7 Mitts to get a Grip

Finding the best oven mitt is essential for every cook.  But as we all know, not every cook is the same and what's good for one cook may not be good for another.  So, when finding the best oven mitt, we took into account nearly every type of cook ...
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