best spice rack

Best Spice Rack – 8 Top Picks for Organization

There's nothing more time consuming than searching for spices in the depths of the cupboards.  And, it's not only time consuming, it's extremely frustrating.  Especially when us cooks take great joy in being in the kitchen.  So, to end the frustrations, we set out to ...
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best bamboo kitchen utensils

Best Bamboo Kitchen Utensils: 7 Eco-Friendly Picks

Finding the best bamboo kitchen utensils means finding high quality and durable bamboo kitchen utensils.  And for us at FHL, it means finding eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils that we can rely on through the thick and thin of our world famous spaghetti sauce. In addition ...
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Best Tea Infuser

Best Tea Infuser and Strainer for Loose Tea

When we went searching for the best tea infuser, we looked for a tea infuser we could count on - a tea infuser that had a lot of happy customers with satisfied reviews. With these reviews, we looked for specifics that were what we considered to be ...
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Best Oven Mitt

Best Oven Mitt – 7 Mitts to get a Grip

Finding the best oven mitt is essential for every cook.  But as we all know, not every cook is the same and what's good for one cook may not be good for another.  So, when finding the best oven mitt, we took into account nearly every type of cook ...
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Best Dish Drying Rack

Best Dish Drying Rack for More Efficiency

Dishes, the king of all chores.  And we don't mean king in a good way.  However, there is hope.  There is hope that the best dish drying rack will make the whole process much more efficient and more accommodating. So, what were we looking for ...
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Best Dish Towels

9 Best Dish Towels for a Brighter Kitchen

Finding the best dish towels was the perfect task for us because we love to add a little dimension to our surroundings.  And it's the small things, like dish towels, that can really make a difference.  So, style was definitely a must when we went searching ...
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Best Electric Griddle

Best Electric Griddle and Grill for Every Palette

When we think of griddles, we think of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage...the smell of breakfast.  However, we do realize that griddles are so much more than that.  And some people rely on griddles for nearly every meal.  So, when we set out to find the ...
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Best Cutting Board

In the Kitchen: Best Cutting Board

If you're on the hunt for the best cutting board, it's best to be completely informed on what you're purchasing.  First of all, the materials used can not only impact your health, it can impact your knives. When it comes to your health, it is recommended ...
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