About Us


And, we are picky women!  We love great products, we love health-conscious products and we love helping you make the best consumer choices in order to live the best life possible.

We go by a very simply motto which you’ve probably heard before:  One life to live.  And what this means to us is, with one life to live, we should only be surrounding ourselves with love, great products, beautiful friendships and fabulous wine.  Of course, for those of us that don’t drink, only the best smoothie will do. 

We believe in health without negating life.  That means we do believe in fudging a little and to enjoy every minute of the fudgy-ness.  However, rest assured, we do everything in our power to promote health whenever possible.  Because without health, our fabulous life can’t possibly feel as fabulous as it should.

We also believe in minimalism and keeping our lives clutter free.  We believe us humans can make too many impulsive purchases and we tend to fill our drawers and our cupboards with useless and wasteful products.  That is why we will only recommend the absolute best products and the products we would gladly use ourselves.  So, it’s time to declutter the mind and the home and free it up for something that is worth living for, and that is nothing less than the best products and a Fab Healthy Life.

~ The Fab Crew

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