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Best Facial Kit for Every Skin Type


At-home facials are the next best thing to hitting up the spa.  And when we took on the best facial kit challenge, we felt this was right up our alley.

Just so you know, we love our facials.  Not only do they smooth, retexture and condition our skin, it’s also a necessity for applying makeup.  If you haven’t noticed, makeup applies much more smoothly after a facial.  

For instance, your foundation doesn’t cake, bronzer doesn’t streak…

This has to be one of our favorite facial benefits – besides, of course, gorgeous skin.

Best Facial Kit

Our hunt for the best facial kit began with a normal let’s-find-a-dope-facial-kit attitude.  However, before we could even get started, we had to retreat.  There are so many facials out there!  

We’ve got one for the hangover, one for the aging, one for the brightening, one for the oily….Therefore, we had a quick change of attitude and decided to get skintimate.  

And we set out, not on a hunt, but on a journey to find the best facial kit for every skin type.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic facial for your skin type, we have you covered.  And we can all dance around knowing we all have beautiful skin and flawless makeup.  

Best Facial Kit for Dry Skin

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Modeling MaskDr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask 4 Treatments

This mask won’t be leaving you thirsty.  Hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient in this Dr. Dennis Gross mask, holds a thousand times its weight in water.  And subsequently, will leave your skin feeling dewy and hydrated.

In order to create this special potion, the two components in the kit must be mixed together.  One part hyaluronic gel cushion and one part activating powder.

Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask 4 TreatmentsOnce mixed, apply a thick layer all over your face in upward strokes.  However, you will want to keep this mixture away from the eyes.

After about 5-7 minutes, the mask will turn from a blue gooey paste to a rubbery veil.  Then, gently peel away.  

Finally, you’ll want to lock in the resulting moisture with a serum and/or a hydrating lotion.  Dr. Gross offers a couple of fantastic options like the Hydration Super Serum and the Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion Moisturizer.

After all is said and done, your face will feel like you turned the irrigation on.   Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Modeling Mask is extreme moisture in every sense.  

And, not only does it moisturize, it will leave your face looking radiantly smooth.

Best Facial Kit for Dull Skin

skyn ICELAND Skin Hangover Emergency Relief Kit

Iceland Skyn Hangover

Everyone wins with this mask.  And the reason being, it is designed for every skin type.

The skyn ICELAND Hangover Kit is for those days when we are looking dull.  This particular mask will rejuvenate and restore order by recharging your skin and depleting stress.

The kit begins with the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.  Apply under the eye area for ten minutes.

Then, dab some Icelandic Relief Eye Cream to rid yourself of puffiness and dark circles.

Next comes the warming Fresh Start Mask.  First, you will need to apply the clay evenly over a cleansed face.  Then you will apply the gel until it starts to foam.  Massage until you activate the warmth.  Leave on the skin for 5-10 minutes and wipe away with a warm, damp cloth.

Follow this all up with the Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion and you’re ready to roll.

Best Facial Kit for Sensitive Skin

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-tox

Peter Thomas Cucumber Mask

This cucumber facial kit will combat dry, irritated skin – especially for those with sensitive skin.  It’s also an excellent option for soothing the appearance of the skin after sun exposure, extractions and other irritants.

You will begin by washing your face with the Foaming Cleanser.

Next comes the Cucumber Gel Mask.  Apply a generous amount to the face, neck and chest area.  Also, this mask is suitable for applying under the eyes.  Leave on for roughly ten minutes and gently rinse with cool water.

Apply the Bouncy Hydrating Gel to moisturize your skin.  Follow it up with the De-Puffing Eye-Cubes.  Pat the cubes under the eyes for about 3 minutes.

The Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-tox is fantastic facial kit.  Not only that, it doubles as a serious eye treatment.

Best Anti Aging Facial Kit

Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel

Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel

The Microdelivery Peel will give you that much needed vacation from those uninvited guests called Wrinkles.

This mask deeply exfoliates – promoting a faster cell turnover rate.  And consequently, will send those wrinkles looking for another home.    

Philosophy The Microdelivery PeelThe first step to this facial kit is exfoliation.  Gently massage the Vitamin C Resurfacing Crystals in a circular motion for about 1 minute.

Then, on to step two.  You will take the Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating Gel and apply it on top of the Resurfacing Crystals.  Once it starts warming, white foam will appear.  You can either keep massaging the mixture into your skin or you can let it sit for up to three minutes.  Finally, rinse thoroughly.

So, if you’re needing a bit of smoothing and re-texturing, the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel will work wonders.  And, you can finally kick those wrinkles to the curb.

Best Facial Kit for Glowing Skin

skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask

skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask

Out with the dull, in with the new.  The skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask will transform your skin from dull to vibrant in a matter of minutes.

To begin, spread the clay formula over a cleansed face.  Next, apply the gel on top of the clay until it starts foaming.  Then, massage the mixture until it starts warming.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth.

The Fresh Start Mask will transform your skin into a bright, smooth and refreshed palette, ready for the au natural or a fresh application of makeup.

The Best Facial Kit for Oily Skin

Philosophy The Oxygen PeelPhilosophy Oxygen Skin PeelIf you suffer from breakouts, blackheads or combination skin, the Oxygen Peel is your answer.  This particular facial kit uses charcoal to draw out the impurities while barley leaf extract hydrates.  Leaving you with the best of both worlds and skin we all strive for.

You will begin by evenly applying a layer of the charcoal gel to cleansed skin.  Next, you will top it off with the oxygen foam booster by massaging in circular motion.  Once foaming occurs, let sit for 3 minutes.  Then, remove by using the exfoliating derma blade.  Finally, rinse off and pat dry.

Your pores will appear smaller and your skin will have some much needed clarity.   

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