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Pamper Alert: Best Foot Spa to Soothe Tired Feet

Tired and achey feet are nothing to take lightly.  It can affect our mood, our everyday activities and even our sleep.  And there’s only so much you can do to ease the pain besides a hot foot soak or begging someone to graciously give you a massage.

Well, there is another option out there and that option is having the best foot spa on hand to do the deed.  

Best Foot Spa

Now, finding the best foot spa is no easy task.  There are plenty of foot spas out there that claim to give you the most heavenly massage, among other things.  But, there’s nothing more disappointing than when that “heavenly massage” is just a vibrating plastic tub.

And that hasn’t been our only disappointment.  Sometimes these foot spas will claim to have jet action, and in all reality, it’s just a tinkle of cold water.  

Nope, nope and nada.  We’re not interested in a foot spa that’s just going to hibernate under the cupboard after one use.  We want a foot spa we look forward to using and one that is so inspiring, it doesn’t feel like too much of a hassle to fill it with water.

So, what did we look for when finding the best foot spa?

What we looked for was a machine.  A powerful machine.  Something that could ease all the aches and pains and ultimately, recharge our paws.

We also looked for options.  We felt that a one-track massage option was a bit boring and under-functioning.  So, we looked for foot spas that had two or more massage options.  

Temperature control was another major component in our search.  We wanted to be the ones to determine when spa time was over, not the declining temperature of the water.

And lastly, the best foot spa had to be built to last.  Because the best foot spa is an investment.  And with an investment, we want the biggest return possible.  And that return is nothing less than happy feet.


Best Foot Spa

 FeaturesFHL RatingPrice
Carepeutic Foot Spa
Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa
Bath Massager
-Ozone Therapy
-Water Surfing Therapy
-Rolling Massage
-Air Bubble Massage
-Jet Massage
-Temperature Control
-Herbal Bag Container
-Mineral Stone Container
Legoyo Foot Spa
All In One Foot Spa
-Rolling Massage
-Spray Massage
-Temperature Control
Homedics Foot Spa
Foot Salon Pro Footbath With
Heat Boost Power
-Vibration Massage
-Rolling Massage
-Temperature Control
-Pedicure Center
Kendal Foot Spa
All In One Foot Spa Bath
-Rolling Massage
-Bubble Massage
-Waterfall Massage
-Water Wave Massage
-Spray Massage
-Temperature Control
-Time Control
-Preset Programs
Brookstone Foot Spa
Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa
-Jetted Massage
-Kneading Massage
-Temperature Control
-Pumice Stone


Best Foot Spa *Editor’s Pick


Carepeutic Foot Spa

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

This spa bath is on roids.  It not only offers three different types of massage, it also offers ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy is one of the most healing types of therapy for your feet.  And, without ozone therapy, your feet won’t be allowed to detox at the level it needs to in order to get rid of the toxins that are contributing to your discomfort.  

Furthermore, the Carepeuitc Spa Bath comes with built-in compartments for herbals and minerals.  When using this with the ozone therapy, the toxins will leave your feet while the herbals and minerals enter your feet.  This would be best described as aromatherapy if your feet had a nose.  And, we all know the benefits of aromatherapy are tremendous.   

Another major feature of this spa bath is water surfing therapy.  This is more of a soothing, rhythmic movement that will gently massage away footCarepeutic Foot Spa pain.  And not only the pain in your feet, the Carepeutic Spa bath is 17″ deep, which reaches mid calf.  Ensuring your calves get a much deserved treatment as well.

Next, the foot spa offers the rolling massage, which entails four motorized rollers that sit at the bottom of the tub and function nearly identical to a kneading massage.

Along with the rolling massage, there is also an air bubble massage, a waterfall and two water jets to really ease the tension built up in your muscles.

If that doesn’t speak therapeutic to you, how about adding in some heat?  The temperature is set by you while the Carepeutic Spa automatically keeps the water temperature at your desired setting.  

Lastly, this foot spa is roomy, so there’s no need to worry about a snug fit.  It’s 21″ wide, 17″ tall and 14″ in depth, and weighing a good 17 pounds.  Yes, it’s a serious machine.  

In conclusion, there’s not many cons to this foot spa.  It not only has it all, it has completely exceeded every expectation we set when looking for the best foot spa.  


Legoyo Foot Spa

Legoyo All In One Foot Spa

The Legoyo All In One Foot Spa has it all, except for ozone therapy.  Making this our second choice for best foot spa.

Standing at 16″ tall, 19.5″ in length and 16.5″ wide, the Logoyo All In One Foot Spa has digital temperature and temperature control.  Furthermore,Legoyo Foot Spa you have the option to set the temperature timer so you don’t get too carried away. 

In addition, it has heating pipe circulating throughout in order to maintain a true and constant temperature.  Not only that, this spa bath has double anti-leakage protection to ensure your surroundings will always be protected. 

The Legoyo comes with four different types of therapy:  Rolling massage, air bubbles, water surfing and spray massage.  There are eight automatic and removable massage rollers, making this spa one of the most thorough massage options available.  

And, when you use all four therapy options at once, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.   The intensity is well received and will leave your feet feeling like new.   

The Legoyo All In One Foot Spa deservedly would get the top spot on our list, however, without the ozone therapy for maximum detox, it will have to settle for second.  


Homedics Foot Spa

Homedics Foot Salon Pro Footbath With Heat Boost Power

If you’re looking for more of a basic foot spa, the Homedics Salon Pro is the perfect candidate. 

The features of this foot spa begin with the four rolling massagers that are activated upon pressure.  Then, the optional massage vibration can giveHomedics Foot Spa you the added oomph to loosen up your muscles.  And finally, the bubble massage will help soothe and relax.  

And because this is a heated foot spa, the water can reach as high as 98 degrees fahrenheit and maintain the temperature until you say when.

Perhaps our favorite feature of this particular foot spa is the pedicure center.  It contains two pumice stones, a scrub and a mini massager.    

The Homedics Salon Pro is 16.8″ in length, 13.5″ in width and 8.1″ in depth.  Also, it will hold a men’s size 13 foot comfortably so it’s not lacking on room.

All in all, this foot spa is more for the occasional pamperer.  It’s great for when you need a quick pedicure and a light massage.

However, if you’re looking for a more therapeutic experience, go with the Logoyo or the Carepeutic.  


Kendal Foot Spa

Kendal All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager

They weren’t lying when they said this was All In One.  The Kendal Foot Spa Bath features rolling massage, heat therapy, oxygen bubble massage, water fall massage and water wave massage.  

And if that’s not enough massage action for you, the waterfall massage performs surfing wave therapy to soothe and relax your muscles.  And not only your foot muscles, because this foot spa alsoKendal Foot Spa takes care of a better part of your calves.  

The heating features on the Kendal Foot Spa is by far the best on our list.  First of all, it not only heats the water, it will speed heat the water and maintain the water temperature.  And to top that all off, it has a dryer for your feet when you’re all finished.

And, if that’s not enough, it also has pre-set programs and a remote control.

There are a couple of possible downfalls we saw with this particular foot spa.  While the oxygen bubble massage also acts as a vibration massage, you are unable to have the bubbles without the vibration and vice versa.  

In addition, the water jets will only work while the heater is on.  For some, this may not be a big deal but it’s worth noting for those that want various options.

And finally, the spikes on the massage rollers are rather hard, making this foot spa difficult to use for those with sensitive feet.

All in all, this is a legit foot spa and will definitely do the trick.  While having a couple of downfalls, it does have some functions that no other foot spa on the market has.  And in the end, it will have to come down to what you’re actually looking for, and perhaps, the idea of a remote control isn’t all that bad! 

 Dimensions:   14″ tall, 20″ wide and 15″deep.  Large enough to accommodate a men’s size 16 foot.


Brookstone Foot Spa

Brookstone Aqua Jet Foot Spa

Our final pick is one hot-jetted foot spa.  With a maximum temperature of 115 degrees fahrenheit, this should be a serious contender for those looking strictly for heat.  And not only heat but lasting heat.  Because this foot spa has the much sought after temperature control.

The Brookstone Aqua Foot Spa features rotating jets with adjustable speed and two rolling massagers for that much needed kneading relief.

And, if room is a problem, the Brookstone has a generous amount of space.  That is, enough space for a men’s size 14 shoe.  The dimensions are also generous at 20.9″ in height, 18.4″ in width and a depth of 12.6″.

Now, this is a very basic foot spa and more suitable for the occasional pamperer or for the occasional pedicure.  However, it is a quality foot spa and will leave your tired feet feeling recharged.

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3 thoughts on “Pamper Alert: Best Foot Spa to Soothe Tired Feet

  1. Hi Doctor Emma,
    Actually, these home foot spas vary in price from under a $100 to nearly $200 USD. If money is not an object, we highly suggest going with the Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager. This foot spa features hyperthermia healing therapy to relieve painful, sore feet such as yours. It also features ozone therapy, heating water surfing and rolling massage to improve circulation and increase oxygen. With these two features combined, you will most likely get the much needed relief you seek.

    Wish you luck!

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