Best Jewelry Box

The Best Jewelry Box in the World

We didn’t find the best jewelry box.  We found eight jewelry boxes that are completely unique and different than the everyday, normal, nothing-too-exciting jewelry boxes.

And, you may be happy to know, these are not reflective of your grandmother’s jewelry box.   We decided on a modern take on the age-old classic.  

Best Jewelry Box

However, we made sure that each finalist for best jewelry box could be considered a keepsake.  And this means, they are all made with high quality materials and top notch construction.  This also means each box is high design with well thought out details. 

So, if you want to go with the modern, mid-century, classic or the glam look, we’ve got you covered.  If you’re looking for grandma’s jewelry box, you’re on your own.

And, if you’re looking for a gift for someone else or perhaps, a gift for yourself, please note that for the most part, each box comes in different colors and some come in different sizes.  Also, these companies we chose are some of the best in the jewelry box world.  So, if you don’t find the exact design or storage you’re looking for, be sure to check out their other offerings.


Best Jewelry Box

Wolf Chloe Jewelry Box
Chloe Medium Jewelry Box
11" long
8.2" wide
6.2" tall
6.5 lbs
Kendal Wooden Jewelry Box
Wooden Jewelry Box
9.5" long
7.3" wide
8.3" tall
5.5 lb
Natural Wood
Swing Design Jewelry Box
Swing Design
Aura Lacquer 3-Drawer Jewelry Box
8.2" long
6" wide
9.5" tall
3 lb
Wolf Design Stackable Jewelry Box
Stackable Tray Set
10.5" long
14" wide
5.8" tall
6.7 lb
Faux Leather
Swing Design Stacking Jewelry Box
Swing Design
Elle Lacquer Stacking Jewelry Box
6" long
6" wide
6" tall
2.2 lb
Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box
Stowit Jewelry Box
11" long
8" wide
4" tall
4.8 lb
Reed & Barton Jewelry Box11" long
8" wide
4" tall
4.8 lb
Howard Eilliot Mirrored Jewelry Box
Howard Elliot
Mirrored Jewelry Box
23" long
14" wide
12" tall
40 lb


Wolf Chloe Jewelry Box

Wolf Chloe Medium Jewelry Box

This company is the most well-known jewelry box company in the world.  And, not only are they the most well-known, they’re the longest running jewelry box company.  

Wolf was established in Germany in 1834 and is still being run by the same family.  That’s almost 200 years!  And if that’s not impressive, they continue to craft theWolf Chloe Jewelry Box highest quality jewelry boxes as when they first began.  

The Wolf Chloe Medium Jewelry Box is made of leather and lined with Lusterloc anti-tarnishing.  Lusterloc absorbs gases known to cause tarnishing.  And, Wolf claims that it may prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.   

The 6.5 pound Chloe comes with 15 storage compartments, 7 ring rolls and a travel case.  And, it’s mid-size at 8.2 inches wide, 11 inches in length and 6.2 inches tall.    

It is accented with a gold lock and a classy laser design that eloquently screams high-fashion

If you’re looking for a different color, the Chloe also comes in black with tan accents.  Or, if you’re looking for a different style, Wolf makes all kinds of different jewelry boxes, as well as, all sizes.  And all are equally as beautiful.     

Owning a Wolf Jewelry box feels as good as owning your favorite piece of jewelry.  It’s an exquisite gift for yourself or for whoever the lucky recipient may be.

And this is, without a doubt, the best jewelry box you can give as a gift.


Kendal Wooden Jewelry Box

Kendal Wooden Jewelry Box

We are absolutely in love with this mid-century, Scandinavian design.  The Kendal Wooden Jewelry Box is hand-carved, made with natural hardwoods and polished by hand.  Kendal Wooden Jewelry Box

It has 4 slide out drawers with 29 different compartments, along with rolls to store your rings.  And this is all lined with tarnish-resistant fabric.

The Kendal Jewelry Box is 7.3 inches wide, 9.5 inches in length and 8.3 inches tall.  And it weighs 5.5 pounds.

This particular company focuses on wooden jewelry boxes and this is one of their most unique design.

However, if you’re looking for more of a standard look or perhaps a different type of storage system, Kendal has tons to offer and a lot of happy customers.  


Swing Design Jewelry Box

Swing Design Aura Lacquer 3-Drawer Jewelry Box

This high-end jewelry box has a sleek, modern design and clean lines.  Made of lacquer, it has a wood grain top and an overall high gloss finish.

The inside of the Swing Design Aura Lacquer Jewelry Box is lined with soft velvet and the box has 3 drawers.  With each one being deeper than the next.

The topSwing Design Jewelry Box flips open to reveal a mirror, 6 ring rolls and three small compartments.  While the drawers have various compartments throughout.

Weighing in at 3 pounds, the Swing Design Aura is 6 inches wide, 8.2 inches in length and 9.5 inches tall.

And, if you prefer a pop of color, this model also comes with a magenta accent top or a aquamarine accent top.  Swing also has many different sizes and styles, all with the same sleek design.

Wolf Design Stackable Jewelry Box

Wolf Stackable Tray Set

This is another great creation from Wolf and this comes from their Stackables line.  The Wolf Stackable Tray Set is 10.5 inches wide, 14 inches in length and 5.8 inches tall.   

The three trays include 39 boxed and oblong jewelry compartments in small, medium and large sizes.  And, 12 ring rolls are included.

Exquisitely designed, with seemingly neurotic attention to detail, the case is made of high-quality faux leather.  And because this jewelry box weighs nearly 7 pounds, you know you’re getting quality materials. 

Now, this stackable box is the best jewelry box if you have a lot of jewelry or are expecting a lot of jewelry.  We could only hope, right?!  Because if you run out ofWolf Design Stackable Jewelry Case room, you can just buy another level.  This whole stackable system may be, perhaps, one of the better inventions ever made.

And, that’s not all.  You can mix and match different colors by buying the spare stackable trays.  You have your choice of coral, orchid and purple.  Or, you can just opt for all one color.

Also, the idea of using different colors might be great if you want to really organize your jewelry.  Perhaps one color could be for your casual pieces while another is for your evening wear.   Or, you could use one for your most worn jewelry and another for your occasional jewelry.  

This jewelry box is probably one of the best investments being that you don’t have to buy extra jewelry boxes when your collection gets too big.  You just build this one taller.  


Swing Design Stacking Jewelry Box

Swing Design Elle Lacquer Stacking Jewelry Box

Here is another fabulous stacking jewelry box.  Made with wood and a high gloss lacquer finish, the Swing Design Elle Lacquer Stacking Jewelry Box has 3 stackable boxes lined with a velvet interior.Swing Design Stacking Jewelry Box  

The boxes are all the same dimension.  However, each box has a different storage system.  One box has 7 rolls for rings, while another has four separate compartments and the third is one big compartment.

The entire box is 6 inches wide, 6 inches in length and 6 inches tall.  With each compartment being roughly 2 by 2 by 2.

And, if you like a jewelry box that’s a little bit lighter, this one is a good pick.  The Elle weighs only 2.2 pounds.   

Lastly, if you like the looks of the Swing Elle but need a different type of storage solution, Swing has many various types in a wide assortment of colors.

Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box

Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box

This is the perfect inconspicuous jewelry box.  And, it’s not because you’ll look right past it or it doesn’t look interesting.  It’s because it doesn’t look like a jewelry box and therefore, the chances of someone going through this box other than you is a little slim.  

Designed by award winning Sung Wook Park, this box has minimalist written all over it.Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box   

The Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box has 3 compartments.  With one of them being a hidden storage drawer.  And, this wood and metal jewelry box is lined with linen fabric to protect your precious jewels.

The Stowit is 8 inches wide, 11 inches in length and 4 inches tall.  And it weighs roughly 4.8 pounds.  However, it also comes in a miniature size which you can find here.  

And, if you would rather go with another color, it also comes in walnut and black.  Umbra also offers mix and match pieces you can pair with this box.

Overall, Umbra’s innovative and modern design takes the jewelry box game to a whole new level.  And, it adds a little bit of fun to the ordinary.    


Reed & Barton Jewelry Box

Reed & Barton High Gloss Finish Jewelry Box

Between the Wolf and this jewelry box, it’s an all out tie for best jewelry box because of the quality of construction.
The Reed & Barton Jewelry Box is made of lacquer and finished in high gloss.  It’s sleek, sexy and mysterious.  And, this particular color is appropriately called Midnight.Reed & Barton Jewelry Box  However, it does come in orange, red or white.
This plush-lined jewelry box has multiple compartments, a pull out drawer and 7 rolls for your rings.  It also features a high quality mirror and beautiful quadrant hinges.  
And, weighing in at 4 pounds, the box is 6.8 inches wide, 9.5 inches in length and 3.8 inches tall.

Reed & Barton has a few other jewelry boxes out there and they all make amazing gifts.  And, of course, that includes self-gifting.

Howard Eilliot Mirrored Jewelry Box

Howard Elliot Mirrored Jewelry Box

Our final pick for best jewelry box is by far, the most glam of them all.  And, surprisingly, one of the biggest of all the picks for best jewelry box.

At a whopping 40 pounds, this box is made with absolute quality throughout.  AndHoward Elliot Mirrored Jewelry Box will be sure to super-impress anyone.

However, because the Howard Elliot Mirrored Jewelry Box is so heavy, it is constructed with strong metal hinges to prevent the lid from falling back down upon opening. 

And, you will need space for this one.  The box is 14 inches wide, 23 inches in length and 12 inches tall.  But, it is also available in a smaller size if you don’t have that much room or need that big of a box.

The Howard Elliot Mirrored Jewelry Box is the exact opposite of the Umbra.  Simply because, it’s going to stand out in a room and people will fawn over it.  Perhaps, you may need to keep your precious jewels in another box, such as the Umbra, as a deterrent.

Most importantly, though, whoever the lucky recipient of this glamorous mirror may be, they’re going to fawn over it.  And, if you don’t mind, you can send one our way. 😉

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