Best Titanium Flat Iron

Best Titanium Flat Iron: Top 5 Picks

Before we reveal the best titanium flat iron and the other worthy contenders, we’ll go over the different types of flat irons so you can best decide which is right for you.

 A lot of people don’t realize what they’re getting when they decide to purchase a particular type of flat iron.  Therefore, we would like to inform you of your different options before you make a purchase.

Best Titanium Flat Iron

The most popular flat irons are titanium, tourmaline and ceramic.  And they all work very well.  However, each have their own unique qualities and their own capabilities.  

So, which one is right for your hair?  Well, that may depend on your type of hair and what you want out of a flat iron.     

  • Titanium flat irons are best for normal to thick hair and is the flat iron most preferred by professionals.  They heat up ultra fast and transfer that heat to the hair even quicker.  And, because this happens so fast, it makes the titanium flat iron a favorite for anyone looking to accelerate their styling time.  Titanium flat irons are also the lightest irons as well as the most durable.
  • Ceramic flat irons can be used with all hair types, ranging from thin to thick.  The ceramic emits non-damaging infrared heat and evenly distributes this throughout the hair.  Ceramic also heats up quickly and glides through the hair smoothly.  Ceramic is a basic option for those who don’t straighten their hair often.  
  • Tourmaline emits a large amount of negative ions that allow for quick, shiny and smooth results.  It also seals in moisture which helps remove static and frizz.  And the tourmaline flat irons are a good option for all hair types. 

If you have decided on a titanium flat iron, we have found and reviewed some of the best options on the market today. 

We had a few requirements when choosing the best titanium flat iron.  The first requirement was results.  Looking nothing less than stepping out of the salon was not an option for us.  

The second requirement was quality.  And in this case, we went with trusted brands and even professional recommendations.

The last requirement was the titanium flat iron had to have happy users.  So, we dug through hundreds of reviews and not only noted the good reviews, but also the bad reviews – in order to filter out if the flat iron could really be a hinderance in any way.

Once we were all finished, we tested out the finalists and came up with 5 of the best options for every budget.  And, we also came back with a winner.    

 FeaturesFHL RatingPrice
RUSK Titanium Flat Iron
Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron
-1" or 1.4" Plates
-Digital Temp
-Dual Voltage
[usr 4.5]
BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron
Keratin Straightening Iron
-1" or 1.5" Plates
[usr 4]
Izutech Titanium Flat Iron
Ktx 450 Digital Flat Iron
-1.25" Plates
-100% Titanium
-Dual Heat Sensor
-Universal Voltage
[usr 4.5]
BaBylissPro Ultrasonic Flat Iron
Ultrasonic Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron
-1.25" Plates
-Ultrasonic Cool Mist
-Digital Temp
[usr 4]
KIPOZI Pro Titanium Flat Iron
Pro Titanium Flat Iron
-1" Plates
-Digital Temp
-Dual Voltage
[usr 3.5]

Best Titanium Flat Iron *Editor’s Pick


RUSK Titanium Flat Iron

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

This flat iron was initially introduced to us by our hair stylist.  And so far, absolutely no complaints.

In fact, quite the opposite.  We are thrilled with the Rusk Professional Straight Iron.

First of all, you have your choice of plates that are 1″ or 1.4″ wide.  And the plates are long and have curves on the sides, which gives the option for curling.

The plates are made of ceramic and are infused with titanium.  And this allows the iron to easily glide through the hair without any pulling or tugging.

The iron heats up super quick via the digital temperature control.  Which means, you have complete control of the temperature – by setting it in intervals of 25-40 degrees and between 300 and 450 degrees.  In under one minute, you’re ready to straighten your hair.

And, here’s our favorite aspect about this particular flat iron.  It is quick and leaves our hair feeling ultra soft.  Furthermore, it literally takes half the time to straighten our hair.  And anything that will allow for more productivity during the day is a huge bonus for us.

The Rusk Professional Straight Iron is our choice for best titanium flat iron.  However, there are a couple aspects of this flat iron where you may be better off with another choice.

There’s no real heat protection at the end of the iron and it gets quite hot.  We, personally, never touch the end of the iron.  But, if you’re someone that does, this is definitely something that you may want to take into account.

Another issue is, there is no automatic shutoff.  Out of habit, we just unplug all gadgets after using so this wasn’t such a big deal for us.  However, your habits may differ from ours and this could be a serious issue for someone that leaves their flat iron plugged in.

Overall, this flat iron produces salon-quality hair results in a short amount of time.  The results speak for themselves and our hair looks fabulous.  And that is why we’re going with the RUSK for best titanium flat iron.


BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron

This is a great option if you have thick or coarse hair.  And this is because the plates are infused with liquid Keratin, which will leave your hair ultra smooth.

And because it is infused with Keratin, you are going to get the benefits of Keratin.  This means healthier and stronger hair while smoothing split ends and sealing the cuticles.  

If you have normal to thin hair, the BaBylissPro Keratin Straightening Iron will leave your hair smooth.  However, it will also leave it relaxed.  And it may even appear limp.  So, this is something to take into consideration before purchasing.   

You have your choice of 1″ or 1.5″ plate width.  If you are looking to use this flat iron for curling as well, it works great, regardless of the flat plate design.   

The temperature can be adjusted by turning the dial from 1-5.  With 5 being the maximum at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  

And like our first pick for best titanium flat iron, this does not have an automatic shutoff.  So, if you tend to leave your flat iron plugged in, this is something to take into consideration.

Overall, this titanium flat iron works extremely well.  Although, for us, because of the keratin, it worked too well on our medium-textured hair.

Like mentioned previously, if you have thick and/or coarse hair, this will work amazing.  And will probably be the best titanium flat iron for you.  


Izutech Ktx 450 Digital Flat Iron

Izutech Ktx 450 Digital Flat Iron

Formally known as Izunami, the Izutech is a well-known and highly regarded professional flat iron.

And, if you’re looking for a 100% Titanium flat iron, this should definitely be one of your contenders.  Because these plates are made from 100% Titanium.

At 1.25 inches wide and 4.25 inches long, the plates allow you to straighten large sections of your hair in minimal amount of time.

Within 30 seconds, the Izutech Ktx 450 heats up and has an adjustable dial which allows you to set the temperature between 250 degrees and 450 degrees fahrenheit.

It also comes equipped with a dual heat sensor.  And this means that the flat iron will distribute heat independently throughout the plates to maintain the chosen pre-set temperature.  

The Izutech Ktx 450 has universal voltage so you can take this flat iron anywhere in the world.

All in all, this flat iron will deliver salon-quality styling along with ion-charged shine.  Making this one of the better flat irons around.  And, it even gives our best titanium flat iron pick a run for it’s money. 


BaBylissPro Ultrasonic Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

BaBylissPro Ultrasonic Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

If you’re looking for the absolute maximum moisture, the BaBylissPro Ultrasonic is the way to go.  It delivers a cool micro-mist while straightening hair.

It is important to note that this flat iron gives you the option to use the ultrasonic feature.  And to use it, simply fill the cartridge with distilled water and flip the separate on/off control button.  

When using the titanium straightener, you will set the digital display to chosen temperature up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.  

Now, you can purchase this flat iron without the ultrasonic capabilities but there would have to be a good reason.  Because, in our opinion, the more options you have for styling, the better.  

One complaint about the BaBylissPro is there seems to be a little gap between the plates while straightening hair.  However, if you have thick hair, this shouldn’t be an issue.  

Nevertheless, this iron does an amazing job and the cool mist feature is that extra added bonus that makes the BaBylissPro Ultrasonic a nominee for best titanium flat iron.


KIPOZI Pro Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI Pro Titanium Flat Iron

Our final best titanium flat iron is a good option for those who are more budget-minded.  However, this doesn’t mean that this flat iron doesn’t work great.  It actually works surprisingly well.

The KIPOZI offers digital temp display control with temperatures ranging from 170 degrees to 450 degrees fahrenheit.  

Now, the temperature will heat up super fast – within a seemingly record-breaking 15 seconds.  

You have two options with this particular model.  The gold model or the rose gold model.  With the gold model, you have touch screen capability.  With the rose gold model, you will have key-pressed capabilities.  

Furthermore, both models are equipped with a swivel cord and a handy hanging hook.  Perfect for storing or letting it hang until it cools.  

So, for a budget flat iron, the KIPOZI has a ton of features.  And, it works extremely well. 

However, usually with less expensive flat irons, the titanium may not be of best quality.  And you may see the results in the long run with damage to your hair.  

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