The Best Toiletry Bag for Every Traveler

We scoured the earth to find the absolute best toiletry bag and came across a ton of options.  There were bags for every minimalist, for every maximist, bags for the classic, for the trendy and bags for the free-bird.

With all of these options available, we were able to find toiletry bags for every type of traveler – and based them on quality, durability, functionality and style.


The Best Toiletry Bag for the Classic Traveler:

Tumi Journey Monaco Travel Kit

Measuring in at 7.5” high and 11” wide, the Tumi Journey Monaco Travel Kit will meticulously hold all of your travel necessities, even on your longest excursions.

With the classic fold down design and an attached metal hanger for the convenience of propping your toiletries up, this bag is waterproof and constructed of high quality nylon.

Upon opening, it unfolds to reveal four pouches, three of them conveniently see-through.  The top pouch is flat with little depth, perfect for smaller toiletries such as bandaids, q-tips, floss and combs. The two middle pouches have enough depth to hold your brushes, makeup, shampoo and deodorant, with plenty of room to spare.  The fourth and final pouch detaches with one gliding zip for convenience on the plane, train, or for a jaunt around town.

The quality and craftsmanship of this bag is unbelievable, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Tumi has been the leader in luggage for over forty years.



Baggallini Deluxe Travel CHL LK Cosmetic Bag

Durable, functional, and stylish are just a few words to describe the Baggallini Deluxe Travel Cosmetic Bag and why this bag receives runner-up to the Tumi Journey Monaco Travel Kit.

The Baggallini has nearly an identical hanger, four pouch system as the Tumi but with the detachable pouch on the outside instead of the inside.  Measuring 8” high and 10.5” wide, this bag is light-weight and made of water-resistant nylon.

If you’re not ready to break the bank with the Tumi, the Baggalini is the next best thing.

For the Light-Traveler:


Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag

The first person to ever climb Everest from sea to summit was so inspired that he came back down to create a brand of light-weight, durable outdoor equipment.  One such consequence of this expedition has become the best toiletry bag for backpackers worldwide.

This deceptively strong hanging toiletry bag, made of 2.8 ounces of Ultra-Sil fabric and Cordura yarn, is sturdy enough to handle quite a bit of weight while the stretchy material allows for more room on those extended trips.  The flexibility of the Sea to Summit bag is perfect for stuffing into luggage when extra room is not a luxury.

As an added bonus, it comes with a shatter-proof mirror to keep us looking our best anywhere our wanderlust desires.

Available in small or large.  Small:  9” tall, 6” wide and 3” deep.  Large:  10” tall, 4” wide and 9” deep. Everest anyone?

For the Fashionista:


Heys New Day Hardside Beauty Case

This is the best toiletry bag for any traveler wanting to make a statement that far exceeds any short-lived trend.  The Heys New Day Hardside Beauty Case, featuring the gorgeous beauty of Britto art, is for the high-maintenance maximist.

At 12” high and 12” wide, this luggage is intended as a standalone piece which will hold all your needs, all your wants, and all your maybes.

Built with polycarbonate composite, the hard-sided case will protect your bottled toiletries from breaking while having enough compartments to keep it all organized.

This toiletry bag has it all, smile included 🙂



Hadaki Coated Makeup Case Pod

For those looking for a traditional-style toiletry bag with a little pizzaz, the Hadaki Coated Makeup Case Pod is where it’s at.  With two see-through compartments, it’s perfectly suited for makeup on one side and toiletries on the other.

At 11” wide, 8” tall and 3.5” deep, there’s plenty of room for a month long jaunt around Europe and just as handy for a quick trip to the gym.

Made with wipeable vinyl, you have your choice of thirteen different patterns.  One for each mood and definitely one for every fashionista.

For the Free-Wheeling, World Traveler:



Kipling Connie

Kipling, Kipling, Kipling.  We LOVE Kipling.  This hanging toiletry bag literally has world traveller written all over it.   The Kipling Connie will fit all your travel necessities at 9” in length, 7” in height, with an extraordinary 5.25″ of depth.

Constructed of nylon and mesh, this adorable bag has a total of six compartments and comes with your very own miniature pet gorilla.

Available in Hello Weekend, Wildflower, Black, Bluebird, Precisely Purple, True Blue and Very Berry.  Who could possibly resist?

For the Budget-Minded Traveler:



eBags Pack it Flat Toiletry Kit

This particular bag is conceptually one of the best toiletry bags available.  The eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit enables you to pack smarter by packing flat.  Not only does the actual bag pack nicely, the bag is formatted to pack your toiletries nicely as well.

The middle of the bag opens up to reveal a removable hanging hook and three mesh compartments, perfect for organizing a multitude of toiletries.  Made of Techlite Diamond Nylon, the bag also has a combined four pouches on either side of the main console, all accessible via self-repairing YKK RC coil zipper.

Dimensions:  9.25” tall, 15” wide and 2.25” deep.  Available in Aquamarine, Raspberry, Titanium, Black, Grasshopper, Denim, Eggplant and Canary.



Bago Toiletry Bag

Durable, functional and reasonable for the entire family.  Made of Rip-Stop Honeycomb waterproof fabric, this bag is lightweight but yet has enough room to hold all of your travel-sized necessities.

The simple, no frills approach to the Bago Toiletry Bag makes this the best toiletry bag for the sensible traveler.  Available in black, blue, green, pink and purple.

Dimensions:  9” tall, 10” wide and 4.5” deep.

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