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Best Tower Fan – 5 Quiet Oscillating Fans


If you’re looking for the best tower fan that’s both oscillating and quiet, we have good news for you.  We tested and reviewed a ton of fans and came away with 5 of the most highly regarded picks on the market.

And, not only are these fans both oscillating, quiet and highly regarded, each pick has additional features you may find to be functional for your lifestyle.  For instance, one of our picks not only has a tilt feature for additional customized air circulation, it also offers 5 different speed settings.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like your cup of coffee, there is another pick which features 3 fans which are all independently controlled.  So, you can circulate the air in one direction while using the lower fan to circulate the air for your pets.  Anyway you choose to use this particular fan, it will definitely deliver cool air when and where you need it and to whom needs it.

That all being said, choosing the best tower fan that is both oscillating and quiet doesn’t have to be painful.  The pain is our job, and the pleasure is yours.  After hours upon hours of research and sifting through consumer reviews, we are pleased to present our picks for the best oscillating tower fans.

Best Tower Fan

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Soleus Air Tower Fan with Remote Control

Soleus Air 35" Tower Fan with Remote Control, # FC-35R-A

Our first pick for best tower fan oscillates in a side to side fashion.  The Soleus Air Tower Fan offers 3 fan speeds and a sleep mode speed.  These fan speeds include the following:  Regular, Natural and Simulates the Wind.

The “Simulates the Wind” fan speed will work on all three speeds, and this will produce the maximum amount of air flow.  The “Natural” speed will deliver a medium-force type of air flow, while the “Regular” speed delivers a light air flow.  And, when you set this fan to “Sleep Mode,” this will lower the fan speed to a light and quiet breeze so it won’t disturb you while you sleep.

The Soleus Air Tower Fan features an LED indicator display where you can control the settings.  Additionally, there is a remote control where you can conveniently control the settings from afar.

This oscillating tower fan offers a 7.5 hour timer, which you can set manually.  Once the time is up, this fan will automatically shut off.  And, this is to protect the fan from overheating and prevent any unfortunate mishaps.

The Soleus Air Tower Fan measures 9.2 inches long, 11.2 inches wide and 34.47 inches tall.  It weighs roughly 8 pounds.


This pick for best tower fan has a reduced vibration motor which makes it extremely quiet.  And, if it’s not quiet enough for you, you can always set it on sleep mode which will reduce the noise even further while you’re resting.

Furthermore, this tower fan is very stable, so you won’t have to worry about knocking it over.  And, this fan is also slim in size, so it won’t take up too much space.


A few consumers have complained that this fan rattles.  However, it is important to note that most consumers have not reported this issue, rather they have left glowing reviews about how quiet this fan is.

Soleus Air 35

Seville Classics Ultraslimline Energy-Saving Tilt Tower Fan

Seville Classics Ultraslimline Energy-Saving Tilt Tower Fan

Our next pick for best tower fan offers unlimited angles to get that airflow exactly where you need it.  The Seville Classics Ultraslimline Energy-Saving Tower Fan offers 55 degrees of angles with 3 different tilt positions.  These tilt positions measure at 0 degrees, 6 degrees and 12 degrees.

Furthermore, this tower fan offers 5 speeds which range from low to high.  And, it has 3 breeze settings:  Constant, Natural and Sleep.  So, when you add all of this up, you receive 45 different levels of air circulation.  And, this allows you to customize the airflow to deliver it right where you need it. 

The Seville Classics Ultraslimline Tower Fan features an LED control panel where you can control the settings.  And, if you’re across the room on your favorite chair, you can also control the settings via remote control.  Furthermore, the Seville Classics Ultraslimline Tower Fan has a 7.5 hour timer with automatic shut off which is controlled via control panel or remote. 

This tower fan is energy-efficient and will allow you to save up to 50% in energy consumption.

Lastly, the Seville Classics Ultraslimline Tower Fan measures 13 inches long, 11 inches wide and 40 inches tall.  And, it weighs roughly 11 pounds.


This fan has offers so many different settings, you can customize it to your exact needs.

In addition, it is quiet, and when it is on the lowest speed, it is near silent.  So, you can rest easy.


If you’re looking to distribute air throughout a large room, this probably won’t do the trick.  This is an energy-efficient tower fan and it operates on a 25 watt motor.  Therefore, this motor can handle small to mid-sized rooms but not much larger.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

This fan has a large fan base.  And, when we talk about fan base, we’re not talking about the actual fan.  We are talking about consumers. Consumers love this fan.

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan has 3 separately controlled fans with 3 different fan speeds.  This will give you 9 customized levels of airflow.  Furthermore, this fan offers a wide range of airflow at an oscillating 90 degrees.Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Furthermore, this tower fan has 3 programs that are specially designed to help you relax and fall asleep.  And, did we mention sleep?  The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan features noise cancellation technology.  In addition, it offers canted fan blades that further help reduce blade noise.

To use this tower fan, simply control it via the touch-sensitive LED control panel or the included remote control.  And, if you would like to set the time, this fan has a 7.5 hour timer and an automatic shut off. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction TechnologyFinally, this fan measures 8 inches long, 3 inches wide, 44 inches tall and it weighs 13 pounds.  Furthermore, the company claims this is among the world’s thinnest fans at mere 3 inches wide.


Where do we begin?  This oscillating tower fan has everything.

We will start with the 3 separately controlled fans that are perfect to accommodate 3 people at once.  Especially if these 3 people never agree on which direction the wind blows.

So, you can set one fan in your direction and the other fan in your loved one’s direction.  And, you can use the 3rd fan to accommodate your pets.  Because pets need to keep cool, too.

Another notable aspect about this fan is it puts out a lot of air.  So, if you’re looking to cool down a large room, this fan is up to the task.Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology


Some consumers have complained this fan is rather noisy.  However, if you put it on a lower setting, that will help to reduce the noise.  And, the lowest level should be quiet enough to sleep with.  

Furthermore, the display lights on the fan are a little bright.  You may take this into consideration if you’re one of those people who like it dark when you sleep.

Lasko 52 Energy Efficient Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko 52 ENERGY EFFICIENT Oscillating Tower Fan with Built-In Timer and 3 Speeds, Remote Control Included by Lasko

This is the tallest oscillating fan on our list.  The Lasko Energy Efficient Oscillating Tower Fan is 52 inches high, which is more than adequate for a space with taller ceilings.  Furthermore, this fan is adjustable to a height of 41 inches to accommodate a shorter space.

This pick for best tower fan has louvers which you can direct the airflow either up or down.  In addition, this fan features 3 energy-efficient speeds all adjustable via control panel or via remote control.

The Lasko 52 Energy Efficient oscillating Tower Fan has a programmable timer which you can set for up to 7.5 hours.

Finally, this tower fan measures 15 inches long, 15 inches wide and 52 inches tall.  It weighs 12 pounds and comes with a convenient handle for easy portability.


The Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan is a great choice for a no-frills fan and it’s extremely quiet.

Furthermore, this fan is adjustable for tall or shorter spaces.  Making this a great choice for those who have a different levels of a playing field.


While this fan works great for small to mid-sized spaces, because it is energy-efficient, it isn’t going to cool down a large space.  

Lasko 52 ENERGY EFFICIENT Oscillating Tower Fan with Built-In Timer and 3 Speeds, Remote Control Included by Lasko

Westinghouse Tower Fan with Remote

Westinghouse 40” Tower Fan w/ Remote, White

Our final pick for best oscillating tower fan is another choice for those who don’t need all the frills.  The Westinghouse Tower Fan features 3 speeds with wide circulating oscillation.

This tower fan is controlled either by a digital LED display with soft-touch buttons or by remote control.  And, this tower fan offers a cubby hole for the remote control in back.  This cubby hole also doubles as a handle for easy portability.Westinghouse 40” Tower Fan w/ Remote, White

The Westinghouse Tower Fan has an 8 hour timer which you can program manually.  In addition, the Westinghouse comes with a 5 foot cord so you have some leeway to move it around.

Finally, this tower fan measures 9.6 inches long, 8.3 inches wide and 36.3 inches tall.  And, it is rather lightweight at 9 pounds.


The Westinghouse Tower Fan delivers quite a bit of air.  And, it will easily cool down a space in the mid-sized range.

Furthermore, this tower fan is rather quiet on all levels of operation.  However, if you want it extremely quiet, the lowest level of speed is where you’re going to get it.

Westinghouse 40” Tower Fan w/ Remote, WhiteCons:

The blue LED lights are rather bright.  So, for sleeping purposes, you may want to consider this annoying oversight.  Or, you can always use the ever-handy duck tape to dim the light.

Westinghouse 40” Tower Fan w/ Remote, White

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