Best Travel Yoga Mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat: Take Your Flow Anywhere


If you’re anything like us, we are always on the go.  And, the ever so bulky yoga mat has been awkward to lug around.  Despite all of our meditative attempts into tricking ourselves that it’s not awkward, we still can’t shake off the yoga mat peering over our shoulder.

So, we set out to find the best travel yoga mat that would accompany us anywhere without disrupting our flow.  And because a yoga mat is essentially an extension of ourselves, we didn’t take this purchase lightly.

Best Travel Yoga Mat  

We’ve had the type of yoga mat that is more of a hindrance than a helper.  One that makes you feel as if you’re one sweaty mishap from tearing a muscle.  We’ve had the type where you can feel your knees and your elbows sink into the ground.  And we’ve also had the type that lasted all of a few yoga excursions.  

As most of you know, a good yoga mat is an investment.  And only the best travel yoga mat will allow us to perform yoga at the very highest level.  

If we go back to our youth, a crummy baseball mitt wouldn’t allow us to play baseball at our best.  It had an awkward fit, it wouldn’t grip very well and it just wouldn’t feel like a natural extension of ourselves.  However, when we would use a good baseball mitt, our game only got better.  Yoga mats are no different.

So, in order to improve and practice our yoga to the best of our ability, only the best travel yoga mat would do.  Therefore, we had a few requirements for our purchase:

  • Skid-resistant
  • Grip-traction
  • Durable
  • Supportive
  • Lightweight
  • Packable

Not only did we have these requirements, we also needed something for our kind of travel.  And that travel included our everyday scootin’ around-town, camping and our occasional trips abroad.  And, we wanted the best travel yoga mat that would survive all of this, without a hitch and without hindrance. 

That being said, we were looking for the all-around type of mat.  One that’s going to translate from outdoor yoga to indoor hot yoga, from the mountains to the beach, and from our shoulder to our bag. And this was a tough find.  

After a ton of research, we ended up finding the best travel yoga mat for our needs and happily made an unregrettable purchase.

However, we were unable to find a mat that checked off our requirement list.  And this is because with travel, some luxuries aren’t obtainable.  Like, a thicker mat that packs flat.  

And because your yoga mat requirements may vary from ours, we found 3 additional high quality mats that have their own virtues.  For instance, one mat is better for hot yoga while another mat is better for support.  It’s all in what you need to maintain your flow.  And what you’re willing to sacrifice for it.  

Best Travel Yoga Mat

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

Yogo Travel Yoga Mat

The YOGO Travel Yoga Mat is our new travel partner – and the fact that it’s super cute doesn’t hurt.  The mat is light-weight at 2.5 pounds and folds down to 12 inches, a size no bigger than a newspaper.  Unfolded, the mat is 24 inches x 68 inches, which is the same size as a standard yoga mat. 

The folding style is by far the best of any mat available, including non-travel mats.  It folds in such a way that the top of the mat will never touch the bottom.  Therefore, you won’t be transferring dirt, dust or any other particles onto the top.  

It has two attached buckles near the top of the mat which allows for easy travel and a genius drying system.  Hang it by the buckles from just aboutYogo Mat anywhere to allow the mat to dry out.  A tree, a shower rod…wherever you may land.  And have fun using your imagination.  

One of our favorite aspects of the YOGO Travel Mat is the materials.  It’s made of sticky natural tree rubber, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable.  So, none of that chemical-smelling rubber with this mat.  

And because it’s made with sticky rubber…you guessed it!  It’s skid-free, slip-free and extremely grip-able.  Making this an excellent mat for hot yoga or for those that need some extra traction.  For further proof that this mat will give you that extra needed traction,  the YOGO Travel Mat was rated one of the most sticky mats by Yoga Journal.  

Not only was it awarded one of the most sticky mats by Yoga Journal, it was also awarded Gear of the Year 2015 and Editor’s Pick 2016 by the same publication.  

Yogo Mat Downward Facing DogNow, this mat didn’t meet all of our expectations.  And because it’s a travel mat, the expectation that it should be supportive is a little high.  First of all, it’s a reminder that sometimes we have to give up some luxuries while traveling.  And support tends to be bulky and weigh a ton.

However, at 1.5mm, this mat is supportive if you’re on softer ground.  And it’s Ok on a harder surface – if your joints are in tip top shape.   

If you need the extra support, there are easy fixes for this.  You can layer the mat with a towel or double up with one of the other travel picks.  Two of them put together would still weigh less and take up less room than one standard yoga mat.

That being said, we chose YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat because it checked off the majority of what we wanted in a travel mat.  Such as being skid resistant, having grip-traction and being durable, lightweight and packable.  And, the materials, the cuteness and the built in straps were the added bonuses that made this travel yoga mat stand out among the rest.  

Manduka eKO Superlite  Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka Travel Yoga Mat

This mat has the very well-deserved runner up spot for its foldability and its pack-ability.  And, if our first choice wasn’t so innovative, this would have easily been our top choice.

Coming in at a “whopping” one pound, the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is 68 inches long, 24 inches wide and mere 1.5mm thick.  Making this one of the lightest and thinnest travel yoga mats around.

And because it’s so thin, it packs like a champ.  Taking up very little room and only adding an extra pound of weight.Maduka Travel Yoga Mat  

If you’re looking for grip, The Manduka has plenty.  However, it only grips with zero to light perspiration.  So, if you’re looking to do hot yoga with this mat, you’re in for a slippery time.  

The Manduka is made of natural tree rubber and is 99% latex free.  Which means, you won’t be dealing with that never-ending chemical smell.

This also means, that it should be suitable for those with latex sensitivities.  

 Now, because this mat is only 1.5mm thick, it will give you little support.  So, it’s best to use on a soft surface or paired up with a towel.  

Overall, we are impressed with the quality of materials, the packability and the grip-ability.  And, the option of choosing between 8 different colors.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Where Manduka lacks in grip, Jade more than makes up for it.  So, if you’re looking for a hot yoga travel mat, this should be one of your contenders.

The Jade Travel Yoga Mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide.  However, if you’re in need of a longer mat, you have your choice of sizing up to 74 inches.  The mat is 1.6mm thick and weighs approximately 3 pounds.  

Now, we mentioned the grip-ability of this mat and that is due to the open cell construction and the natural rubber.  And that means, this mat will allow you to grip throughout a sweaty class of hot yoga.

However, because of the open cell design, this mat will collect debris within the cells.  Ultimately, making it difficult to clean.

The Jade mat has compression set resistance and cushioning, giving you more support than most other travel yoga mats on the market.  In order to achieve the additional support, the mat is slightly thicker and weighs more than other mats.Jade Travel Yoga Mat  

And although the Jade mat rolls up nicely, it doesn’t fold as nicely.  On the other hand, when rolled, it will fit nicely in luggage.

All in all, this mat made our list for best travel yoga mat because of the feel.  It’s has excellent traction and is sure to give you an amazing yoga session.  And many users prefer the feel of the Jade over the Manduka.

But, this is the perfect example of giving up some luxuries for the love of travel.  And, that means, you’ll have to decide if support and feel outweigh the pack-ability aspect.  

Khataland YoFoMat

Khataland YoFoMat

The final best travel yoga mat on our list is the Khataland YoFoMat.  This mat has been featured in REALSIMPLE, SPA Magazine and on the Today Show.  And their claim to fame is the only intentionally folding travel yoga mat around.  However, other travel yoga mats also fold.  Just not as pristine as this one.  

Once folded, the mat drops down to a size of a book;  12 inches long, 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep.  Unfolded, it is 72 inches long, 24 inches wide and 4mm thick.  Making this another great choice for those in need of a longer mat.  

And because this mat is thicker than most travel mats, you will get a little more support.  However, you’ll be sacrificing precious packing room because it’s a bit more bulky. 

The YoFoMat is made with latex-free, non-allergenic and non-toxic materials.  So, like the other mats on our list, this one is great for those with latex allergies.  

What we really liked about this mat is its folding capabilities.  Not only can you fold it for packing, you can convert it into a meditation mat or use it as a sitting mat.  Making it not only a yoga mat, but a mat for numerous outdoor activities and for sporting events.  Or perhaps, even on the plane for some much needed cushion.  The possibilities are endless.

However, if you decide to take this mat to hot yoga, it may get slick.  It’s not the most grip-able mat and downward facing dog may just keep going downward.  Therefore, its not recommended for those that require extra grip.  

In the end, this mat deserves a spot on the best travel mat list because of its innovation and endless possibilities.  Not to mention, multifunctional is a major plus when traveling.

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