Best Vanity Mirror

Best Vanity Mirror: Check out our 6 Glamorous Picks

Trying to find the best vanity mirror that is going to fit just right and look just right is not an easy task.

And then, to add another dimension in the mix, it depends on what you want in a vanity mirror.  Is it going to be used for decor?  Or is it going to be used to apply makeup?  Or both?   

Best Vanity Mirror

Well, first of all, our picks are suitable for both makeup and decor.  And choosing mirrors with both of these traits helped narrow down our picks.  Plus, who says we can’t have it all?

However, there is another characteristic that is often overlooked when purchasing a mirror.       

And that is quality.  Mirrors can literally be funny if they’re cheaply made.  And, we’re pretty sure you are not here to find a funny mirror.    

Therefore, the cheaper the mirror, the more distorted the reflection becomes.  So, we made sure to pick out mirrors that reflect the truest form of reality, your beautiful self.    

In the same token, if you’re looking for a mirror that is strictly for decor, cheaply made mirrors stand out like a sore thumb.  And this is directly attributed to the poor reflection.  In this case, you would be better off not having a mirror at all.  

So, quality is just as important as the esthetic look of a mirror and this is an absolute must when buying the best vanity mirror for any space.   

To recap, here’s what we looked for when choosing the best vanity mirror:

  • Style
  • Quality
  • Functionality

Granted, not all of our picks for best vanity mirror are a one-size-fits-all solution, but they’re pretty close.  And if one doesn’t work for you, we countered these with other options that will likely work in whatever space you may be looking to fill.   

Now, if you’re looking for a smaller vanity mirror, something with magnification and/or lights, we found some gorgeous ones that you can browse through here.  If you are looking for the Big Kahuna, the vanity mirrors below are some of the best quality mirrors on the market today.  And, they look fabulous, too!


Best Vanity Mirror

Diamond X Hollywood Makeup Mirror
Diamond X
Hollywood Makeup Mirror
27.56" Tall
39.37" Wide
2.36" Thick
38.6 Lbs
12 LED Lights
Blue Tooth Speakers
Adjustable Lighting
Elegant Mirror Solutions Frameless Tri-fold Mirror
Elegant Mirror Solutions
Frameless Tri-fold Mirror
28" Tall
36" Wide
Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror
Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror
34.6" Tall
33.1" Wide
6.7" Thick
41.9 Lbs
14 LED Lights
Adjustable Lighting
Rotary Switch
Attached Outlet
Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror
Hamilton Hills
Trifold Vanity Mirror
30" Tall
21" Wide
.08" Thick
32.5 Lbs
VSE Vanity Makeup Mirror
Vanity Makeup Mirror
18" Tall
23" Wide
.75" Thick
7.8 Lbs
Aoleen Frameless Hollywood Makeup Lighted Vanity Mirror
Frameless Hollywood Makeup Lighted Vanity Mirror
25.6" Tall
19.6" Wide
2.36" Thick
26.4 Lbs
12 LED Lights
Adjustable Lighting
Warm & Cool Lights
Adjustable Frame


Best Vanity Mirror    

Diamond X Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Diamond X Hollywood Makeup Mirror

This mirror is on our never-ending wish list.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  And, it is the type of mirror that’s going to make us want to do our makeup.

The Diamond X Hollywood Makeup Mirror is fairly large at 27.56 inches tall, 39.37 inches wide and 2.36 inches thick.  It is also fairly heavy at 38.6 pounds.  So, make sure you have a supportive table to set this beauty on.

There are 12 daylight LED lights that are strategically placed around the edge of the mirror to cut out any shadow.  To the side of the frame, you can adjust the brightness to fit whatever mood you’re going for.  Will you be venturing out in the bright of the day or the dark of the night?  Or, perhaps you just want mood lighting for your surroundings?  You can achieve the perfect lighting with this vanity mirror.   

With the Diamond X Hollywood Makeup Mirror, you’re not just purchasing a vanity mirror that lights up, you’re also purchasing a set of waterproof blue tooth speakers that are embedded within the mirror. 

If you’re looking for a mirror that gives you an option of hanging it on the wall, you’re out of luck with this one.  It is only recommended to use with the stand.

Another thing to take into account is the plug has a 3 pin top.  So, if you must have this mirror, make sure you have the proper converter or plan on getting one.  Also, there is 10 foot long cord which will be sure to reach just about any outlet in the vicinity. 

If you love this Hollywood mirror but need something smaller, Diamond X makes a smaller version.  The smaller version stands at 31.50 inches tall, 23.63 inches wide and 2.36 inches thick.  It weighs 35.27 pounds.  And, you can find it here.   

Overall, this mirror is by far our favorite.  It’s not only one of the best vanity mirror money can buy, it’s a statement vanity mirror that will leave viewers in awe.  Personally, we can’t stop looking at it.  And the quality of this mirror is hard to beat.


Elegant Mirror Solutions Frameless Tri-fold Mirror

Elegant Mirror Solutions Frameless Tri-fold Mirror

If you’re looking to add a bit of elegance, this mirror will do just that on practically anything you set it on.  It can take an ordinary dresser and add a touch of venetian beauty that will accurately reflect it’s surroundings.

The Elegant Mirror Solutions Mirror is trifold with a 5mm beveled-edge.  And whether you plan on setting this on a dresser or hanging it on the wall via D-rings, this trifold gives you plenty of options to position this mirror any way you see fit.  

The center of the mirror is 28 inches at its tallest point and 18 inches wide.  While each of the sides are 22 inches tall and 9 inches wide.  For a total width of 36 inches.  And, if that’s too wide, remember, you can always position the sides forward to reduce the width.  If that’s still too wide, we have another option below that is smaller and quite similar in style.

And not to leave anything out, Elegant Mirror Solutions completed the mirror by lining the back with wood composite.  And on the bottom edge, there are plastic feet to prevent scratching.


Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror

Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This is the second time we’ve reviewed this mirror and we’re falling in love with it all over again.

The Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror can be propped up on the stand or hung on the wall via metal hooks.  

Made out of aluminum with a wood base, it is quite heavy at 41.9 pounds.  It is 34.6 inches tall, 33.1 inches wide and 6.7 inches thick with the stand attached.

This mirror is a “Hollywood” style mirror where the 14 LED light bulbs are strategically placed to omit any shadows.  And there is a rotary dimmer switch which will allow you to easily find the best lighting to represent the light of day.  With these two features, your makeup application will be near flawless.  

As an added bonus, the Chende Hollywood Mirror comes with an outlet where you can plugin all kinds of gadgets, from hair dryers to flat irons. 

Now, if you love this mirror like we do, but you need a different size, you’re in luck.  There is a smaller version which is 28.7 inches tall, 27.2 inches wide and 7.1 inches thick and weighing in at 27.1 pounds.

And if you want to switch up the color, you can find the large black one here.  However, at the time of posting this, there is no availability on the smaller black Chende Hollywood Mirror.  


Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

The Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror will go with every type of decor out there.  As you can see from the picture above, even though it has straight, clean lines, it even pairs up nicely with the old.  Perhaps it has something to do with the 2 inch beveled frame, which makes this piece timeless.

At 21 inches wide, 30 inches tall, .o8 inches thick and weighing 32.5 pounds, this mirror is backed by a solid wood reinforcement to ensure stability – whether you’re planning on setting it on a vanity or hanging it with the provided hardware.  

Because it’s a trifold mirror, you’re going to have plenty of options with the positioning.   And if you need to take a peek at the back of your head, just bring one side forward, and wah-la!  

Overall, this is the best vanity mirror for standing the test of time.  Year after year, it will go with anything and everything and it will never look dated.


VSE Vanity Makeup Mirror

VSE Vanity Makeup Mirror

This is another Venetian style mirror that is not only elegant but adorable.  And adorable because it’s quite small compared to other vanity mirrors in the same category.  

And because it’s small, it is easily transportable from room to room or house to house.  The VSE Vanity Makeup Mirror stands at 18 inches tall, 23 inches wide and 3/4 inches thick and weighing in at 7.8 pounds.

The wood backing is lined with soft black velvet and nickel hinges.  And although it’s possible to hang this mirror, it doesn’t come with the necessary hardware.

It’s also a trifold mirror which means you’re going to be able to position this mirror in a myriad of different ways.   

Overall, because of the detail in construction and the trueness of the reflection, this mirror is excellent quality at a very affordable price.  And, did we mention it’s adorable?


Aoleen Frameless Hollywood Makeup Lighted Vanity Mirror

Aoleen Frameless Vanity Hollywood Makeup Lighted Mirror

The final best vanity mirror is a great choice for those wanting a Hollywood-type mirror but don’t want to pay the Hollywood-type prices.  

The Aoleen Frameless Vanity Hollywood Makeup Lighted Mirror has a stainless steel body with a sturdy, detachable base to prop on a tabletop.  Additionally, you can hang this Hollywood mirror on the wall and it comes all ready to hang.  

This Hollywood style mirror with the base attached measures in at 25.6 inches tall, 19.6 inches wide and 2.36 inches deep.  And, it also comes in a larger size that measures 25.6 inches tall, 31.5 inches wide and 2.36 inches deep.   

The Aoleen Mirror features 12 dimmable, 4,000k LED bulbs placed strategically around the mirror.  These bulbs will illuminate your skin to give you control of every detail so you can accurately apply makeup.  These bulbs offer a soft and warm white light that will eliminate any shadow, further enhancing an accurate makeup session.

This mirror has a rotate button dimmer switch with a memory function located at the side of the mirror for easy access.  And, this will enable you to get the correct lighting for day or night.

In addition to having a dimmer switch on the side, the Aoleen Hollywood Mirror offers double power outlets.  This is useful for charging your phone and powering up your beauty accessories, such as, a hair dryer or hair straightener.  

Finally, this mirror comes with a couple of extra light bulbs and anchors and screws if you wish to mount this mirror on the wall.  

And, our final consensus on this particular mirror is, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.  It’s quality, it has style and it’s at a relatively amazing price.

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