Best White Eyeliner

Best White Eyeliner and 3 Ways to Wear It


If you haven’t figured it out yet, white eyeliner is amazing!  Not only can it completely transform your eyes and make you look less tired, it can also add a dimension of light to your face.  Of course, there are a few tricks to accomplish this but, you must first get the best white eyeliner.  This is absolutely crucial to perfecting the white eyeliner look.

Through trial and error, we figured this one out the hard way.  So, our best advice is, don’t be like us and get the good stuff sooner than later.  

Best White Eyeliner

We were first introduced to white eyeliner when getting our makeup done at Sephora, in the middle of Times Square.  If you know anything about New York and Times Square, the businesses there only hire the best of the best.

The makeup artist transformed us into a goddess and our attempts to repeat the perfection have been utter failures.  Although, we keep on trying.  And consequently, learning through the process.

When we tried to recreate the white eyeliner look, we kept making the mistake of grabbing the cheapest white eyeliner on our way through the drugstore.  But, in all actuality, we were just adding another piece of junk makeup to collect dust amongst our other spur-of-the-moment buys.

Our biggest mistake, ever since then, has not only been the purchase of cheap white eyeliner but the continued purchase of cheap white eyeliner.  And we pay the price.  It’s the horrors of going to work and having your coworker ask you if you’re wearing white eyeliner – along your bottom inside lash line no less.

If you’re new to the whole white eyeliner ordeal, the use of white eyeliner under your bottom inside lash line is supposed to be subtle.  It’s supposed to give the effect that your eyes aren’t red and you’re not tired.  It’s not supposed to look like white eyeliner.  

So, in order to perfect the imperfections and apply our makeup like a star makeup artist, we decided to go back to the beginning.  What was the makeup artist doing that we weren’t doing?  And there you have it.  They were using a quality white eyeliner.  Duh!  

Great products make a world of difference and getting the best white eyeliner is an absolute must.  

Here’s what a quality white eyeliner does: 

  • Glides on smoothly
  • Blends in
  • Lasts all day (and all night)
  • Doesn’t clump

On the other hand, when you use a cheap product, it doesn’t have any of these fabulous traits.  And, in all actuality, you would be better without! 

So, before we reveal the best white eyeliner, here’s a few application tricks that we learned along the way


How to apply Eyeliner ?

Lining the inside of your bottom lash

White Eyeliner Bottom Lash

Applying white eyeliner to the inside of the bottom lash is an absolute favorite technique of just about every makeup artist we’ve ever consulted.

And this is because the whites of your eyes reflect off the eyeliner – making your eyes appear whiter.  This technique is especially good for when you wake up with red eyes.  And it’s good for anytime you just want to illuminate the eyes. 

Secondly, applying white eyeliner on the inside of your bottom lash makes your eyes look bigger.  And that’s because your eyes meld in with the eyeliner, giving it that extra millimeter difference.  

When choosing a white eyeliner for this trick, it’s best to go with a neutral white.  Many white eyeliners out there are more of a fluorescent white and you will get asked if you’re wearing white eyeliner.  Whatever you do, don’t make this mistake.


Smudging the inside corner of your eye

White Eyeliner Inside

This is another favorite makeup artist technique and is a must for brightening the eyes.  

It brightens the eyes by giving off the illusion of light which translates to being awake.  Therefore, this is a must for those mornings where your eyes don’t want to see the light of day.  

So, not only does this waken up the eyes, it widens the eyes.  Making them appear larger than they actually are.  

And, just like lining the inside of your bottom lash, smudging the inside corners will allow your eyes to reflect off of the white.  Therefore, allowing your eyes to appear whiter.  

If that’s not enough, the white eyeliner will also conceal shadows and dark circles that tend to congregate towards the inside corner of your eye.

And finally, because of the contrast, when using eyeshadow, this effect tends to make the colors of your chosen makeup standout.  So, choose wisely!


Creating a break on your eyelid

This is a fun technique.  And you can do this with using just one solid color of eyeshadow or two.

When you blend a stripe in the middle of your eyelid, it draws attention to the center of the eyes.  Which, is perfect for a night out or the day you wake up with a zit.  Because, with this technique, there’s no other place to look except for the eyes.

And, not only does it draw you in, it also brightens the eyes and it creates the illusion of light.  

 There are so many possibilities and so much color-coordinating to be had when applying this technique.  All we can say is, have fun!


Best White Eyeliner

We ended up choosing 4 of the best white eyeliners out there.  Each eyeliner has its own appeal and we love each one for different reasons.  Your choice will depend on what you’re looking for and what you want to do with it.

NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, Via Veneto

This is probably the best white eyeliner in terms of versatility. 

It’s your standard, go-to white eyeliner that will accomplish nearly every white eyeliner technique out there.

The NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner, in Santa Monica BLVD White, has a rich, matte finish that glides on creamy.NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, Via Veneto

And because it’s creamy, it is easily smudge-able if you catch it before it dries.  It also doesn’t clump and will stay with you throughout the day.  

As an added bonus and something that wasn’t on our wish list, this liner is retractable and has a built in sharpener.  

We’ve never been disappointed with NARS products, so we weren’t surprised by how fabulous this eyeliner is.  We were particularly impressed by how evenly this eyeliner glides on – making it look nearly natural.

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, Via Veneto


Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner Brown(out) 54 bronze with shimmer full size

This eyeliner isn’t white, but it will give you a similar effect.

The Marc Jacobs Eyeliner In The Buff Champagne Shimmer is the perfect color for everyday excursions such as work or school.  It will blend in with the neutral tones of your skin while the shimmer radiates light.  Therefore, giving off the illusion of bright.  

It is a great option for those who haven’t mastered how to neutralize the color when lining the bottom inner lash line.  Or, for those who would rather just have something more natural. 

When applying, it goes on smooth for precision and has a gel-like aspect for the versatility of smudging.  However, one must smudge right away before the liner dries.  Because once it’s on, it’s on all day.   

Lastly, what we like most about this particular color is how subtly gorgeous it looks with our golden brown eyeshadow.  And that makes this is our best white eyeliner pick for spring, summer and fall.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner Brown(out) 54 bronze with shimmer full size


Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Twinkle Pop Eye Stick (On The Verge 412)

They named this particular color Frannie and we’re trying to figure out why.  The name does not do it justice.  It should be more like Francesca or Farrah.  However, we’re good with Twinkle Pop because this is the ultimate night out white eyeliner.  

And not only is it an eyeliner but it’s also an eyeshadow.  Which is perfect for a pop of color on your eyelid or for a smudge in the inner corner of your eye.  You can also apply it directly under the arch of your eyebrow to make your eyes look even bigger.  

What really makes this eyeliner/eyeshadow stand out is its ability to layer.  For instance, you can apply this over your eyeshadow to create reflection and glimmer.  And, you can also easily recreate our 3rd white eyeliner technique and apply a vertical stripe in the middle of your eyelid.

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Twinkle Pop Eye Stick (On The Verge 412)


Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Shadow & Liner 23 Brown Glitter

Our final pick for best white eyeliner is this Sephora Shadow & Liner in Let it Snow White Matte. This jumbo shadow and liner combination gives you the ability to create bold lines. And, depending on how you sharpen it, thin lines.  It’s also great for smudging or using on your top lid to give the illusion of light.  

The eye pencil goes on smoothly and smudges just as easily.  And, like the other eyeliners on our list, the application is intended to last all day.  So, once you apply, be sure to work your magic right away.  

Another feature of the Sephora Shadow & Liner is it’s waterproof as well as heat and humidity proof.  Which makes this the ultimate white eyeliner for a night out dancing.

What we like most about this product is its blending capabilities.  However, when we used it on our eyelids, it did leave a crease.  On our next application, we used an eyeshadow primer and that alleviated the crease.  So, be sure to use a primer!    

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Shadow & Liner 23 Brown Glitter

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