best ionic foot detox machine

Best Ionic Foot Detox Machine

Introduction If you're looking to rid the body of toxins and up your wellness level, the best ionic foot detox machine is a great place to start. However, if you have heard of this newest health craze and are still wondering what it actually does ...
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Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – 5 Eco Friendly Picks

Introduction We are absolutely thrilled with fruit infuser water bottles.  It's a fun way to hydrate and get some essential vitamins, all at the same time.  However, when we went searching for the best fruit infuser water bottle, we had a prerequisite that would ensure ...
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Best Travel Yoga Mat

Best Travel Yoga Mat: Take Your Flow Anywhere

Introduction If you're anything like us, we are always on the go.  And, the ever so bulky yoga mat has been awkward to lug around.  Despite all of our meditative attempts into tricking ourselves that it's not awkward, we still can't shake off the yoga mat ...
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Best Collagen Powder

Best Collagen Powder and How That Benefits You

Introduction Whether you're just beginning the collagen powder craze or looking for the best collagen powder, you've come to the right place.  We are right there with you!     We've actually been looking for a new post-workout protein drink so this is a win-win.    Therefore, the ...
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