best travel electric kettle

Best Travel Electric Kettle

Introduction If you are on the market for the best travel electric kettle, we found the highest-rated travel kettles on the market.  But first, it is important to figure out what type of electric kettle you will need.  And, we have 2 simple questions you ...
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best ice packs for coolers

Best Ice Packs for Coolers – 6 Reusable Picks

Introduction We went on a hunt for the top rated ice packs on the market and came away with 6 of the absolute best ice packs for coolers.  These picks all vary in different shapes, sizes and freezing techniques.  So, one of these ice packs ...
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best soft cooler

Best Soft Cooler – Coolers, Bags and Chests

Introduction Are you looking for the best soft cooler?  Soft coolers, bags and chests are a convenient way to keep your beverages and your food cold.  They are portable, easy to maneuver and highly functional.  These coolers can be used for numerous activities, such as, ...
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best food thermos

Best Food Thermos and Vacuum Flasks

Introduction Are you looking for the best food thermos?  If you are, we spent hours of research, hours of sifting through the top contenders and hours of reading through customer reviews.  So, all you have to do, is check out our final 8 picks for the best food ...
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best picnic backpack

Best Picnic Backpack for Every Occasion

Introduction What could be better than a basket of strawberries, homemade cumin pepper chèvre, a bottle of Vinho Verde and the best picnic backpack to pack it all in?  Probably the company you share it with, and of course, a gorgeous view. But, first, we ...
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